I’ve just discovered the difference between homogenised and unhomogenised milk. The homogenisation process breaks down the fat molecules in the milk to prevent a cream forming on the top of the milk. What is wrong with cream at the top of the milk? When I was a boy living with my brother and sisters, we always used to race each other in the mornings to get the cream off the top of the milk bottles after the milkman had been. It costs money to homogenise milk and we end up paying for a proces we don’t even want. Now I always look for unhomogenised milk to encourage the production. But I am only one man.

Now to pasteurisation. What is pasteurised milk? In a nutshell it is milk with a lot of the goodness taken out. Milk gets heated to destroy bacteria in the milk as it may be harmful to us. Unfortunately, there are many beneficial bacteria that are also destroyed by the process. Why is it then that people who drink raw milk direct from the animal that produces it suffer little adverse effect from the practise. Has anyone done a study on this?

One of the reasons for pasteurisation is that it extends the life of the milk. This benefits the producers as their products are on the shelves for longer so they make more money. Sadly, today’s society puts profits before benefits.

When man first discovered that milk from animals was drinkable why did he not die out if raw milk was so bad for us. Basically, the animal lives in the field and is constantly being bombarded with all sorts of micro-organisms. Pathogens, carcinogens, etc. The animal builds up a resistence to these attacks or it dies from them. The animal then mates and passes this resistence on to it’s offspring, and so on. The strongest survive.

When man comes along and drinks the raw milk from this animal, he also gets the resistence to disease built up over many generations. There may be harmful bacteria present in the milk but man’s immune system will take care of that.

Of course I am describing ancient man or the hunter gatherers who still exist in remote areas of our planet.

Food processing is destroying our ability to build up our own defences against disease. This is because the food gets sterilized before it reaches us and our immune system becomes redundant. Is this how modern diseases are able to cause a widespread panic when they appear? For Millenia, man has been able to destroy these diseases from causing us harm by eating and drinking natural food as it was intended to be consumed by nature. The food chain was not contaminated by pesticides, fertilisers and all of the other poisons we now consume as a matter of fact.

I will continue to search for unhomogenised milk but it is getting harder to find.

Thank god for the Organic food producers. But even they are now at risk, but that is another subject in itself.

Thank you for reading this far and please feel free to comment.